Lone Grazer One Smooth Motion Wheel (lb)

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This rich and buttery hard cheese shows off the milk from farmers David and Mariana Nyquist’s and Cory and Kristen Salzl’s grassfed herds. The rind is natural and edible but optional and imparts a piquant “Swiss” kick to the cheese reminiscent of classic European cheeses like Gruyere, Appenzeller and Beaufort.


“One Smooth Motion” serves well on a cheese plate. It pairs wonderfully with ham. It will flake well onto a salad or grate into soups. Head cheesemaker Rueben’s favorite use for One Smooth Motion is in Frico Eggs: Melt a small pile of grated OSM in a non-stick skillet; crack an egg over it once the cheese is melted and just starting to brown; add some cracked pepper and cook for a delicious sunny-side up breakfast!